Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Attention ....! Read Jione's SIM Card Users Now


Attention ....! Read Jione's SIM Card Users Now
VTV Gujarati April 10 2018 19:21

This is especially useful for you if you are using a JICA SIMcard. In the Indian telecom world, the number of users of JIO is increasing day by day, when a special code was announced by the JIO.
Let me tell you, if you are trapped in a place where the network's problem is large and your phone has a low battery, you can divert your number to any other number. For this, 2 secret codes are provided, which you can easily do this job by using.

For example, there is one number as an example ... 2222222222 If you want to divert to another number 3333333333 you only need to dial * 409 * number then add the number to which you want to divert the phone to the menu that opens. Will remain As soon as this process is complete, your mobile number will soon be diverted to the number of your choice.
According to the information received from a retailer of JIO, when someone calls you, you will hear a cassette, it will be said that the person you are trying to call is out of the coverage area or the call has been transferred by hitting their phone. That is, all the phones coming to your GPS number are divergent to your other number.

Let us know that, when your work is done, you will have to dial * 410. After dialing this number, your call forwarding service will be discontinued shortly, and then you will find all the phones you receive at your JIO number.
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