Monday, 13 August 2018

Jio Launched New 99RS Amazing Plan

Jio Launched New 99RS Amazing Plan

Jio has introduced plans for the recharging of a new JioPhone. Customers will be given 500 MB of data every day for 28 days. This new Rs. The recharge pricing plan of 99 rupees is already available for JioPhone at Rs 49 and Rs. 153 recharge has been kept with vr. Apart from this, the company has Rs. 594 plans, which will give unlimited data for 6 months.
The company has claimed that Rs. The recharge of 99 will reduce monthly costs by up to 50%. Apart from these, let them know that the new Rs. In the 99 plan, customers will be given 500 MB of information, 300 SMS will be provided and, like every Jio plan, voice calls can also be made free here.
Apart from this, Jio's Rs.
Talking about the 594 plan, customers can take advantage of unlimited data and voice calling during a 6 month validation. However, customers with this pack will not get the benefit of SMS.
All this, at the annual general meeting of Reliance Industries, the company announced some offers for Reliance JioPhone, which started from yesterday. Customers can now switch to the old feature phones to get a new JioPhone. The effective price for this has been kept at Rs 501.
Reliance Jio has also announced a JioPhone 2, which has a QWERTY keypad and the screen is also bigger. Apart from this, the offer to Jio Monsoon Hanga has also been started

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